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So where are we going? To hell.

Thank you so much for the rewatch! This gifset is amazing! X

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Castle/Beckett appreciation week day 3 [x]
↳ favourite quote(s)

To be quite honest, it was hard to choose favourite quotes. Castle is full of them. But there are different groups of quotes. You have the fun quotes, the ones that just make you laugh. You have the teasing quotes, the more flirty ones. And you have the meaningful quotes, the quotes with meaning behind them. But what I chose for today, was quotes that really have to do with their relationship. These are a couple of my favourites, quotes that just make me go all asdflkjasdf. Let’s call them the feelsy quotes!

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Castle/Beckett Appreciation Week Day 3: Favorite Quotes

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I had no idea.


Stana Katic + her dream of being a director

"I will direct one day. I need some more life experience before I feel like I can do something like that comfortably. It’d be a feature, it’d be something maybe that I had in writing as well."

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I’m the one with the green and black t-shirt and this photo was taken with my camera ♥

I’m the one with the green and black t-shirt and this photo was taken with my camera ♥

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When dreams come true: Me and Stana Katic.


When dreams come true: Me and Stana Katic.

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make me choosedrinkingcastleskoolaid asked: Engaged!Caskett or Baby!Caskett

They were so damn adorable this season.

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"What’s a great love story without obstacles to overcome?" | 6x23 ‘For Better Or Worse’

Beginnings + [two caps per season premiere]

Castle Theme Party | Challenge #1

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"I love films, and I love amazing story telling. So, if I can dive into something that will be satisfying in that vein, I cant wait, but I have no idea what sort of story it’ll be […] I really just want to tell a great story, you know? So whether it’s on film or television I just want it to be compelling." (x)

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otp meme → faceless

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Fuck Yes, Always Hiatus Challenge #2

↳ Favorite episode → [5x04, Murder He Wrote]